Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Soweto Freedom Song; A Story of Poverty, Faith & Hope

In June of 2006, my husband, John W. Fountain, accompanied Rev. Jesse Jackson to South Africa. This short film documents their trip. At a squatters' camp in Soweto, there was only one source of water for thousands of people. The group saw poverty and violence, but they also saw hope and faith in the faces of the people of South Africa.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Shout It Out: Testimonies of Faith

Video also available at YouTube. Click Here: SHOUT IT OUT

Welcome to At the Well

Water. We all need water to survive. Water is necessary and essential. It is elemental. Most of our bodies are made of water. Plants and animals need water. Water is life giving. Just as our physical bodies need water to survive and thrive, our spirits need God's living water.

When Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well in the fourth chapter of John, he offered her living water. But just what is this living water?

In the Old Testament, many verses such as Psalm 42: 1, "As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God." talk about thirsting after God as one thirsts for water. God is called the fountain of life (Psalm 36:9) and the spring of living water (Jeremiah 17:13).

Jesus offers living water. He is God. But he became a man and walked this earth in a human body so that he could know our needs, our pains, our fears and frustrations. And he is able to help us because he has overcome death and is at the right hand of God the Father making intercession for us. Through God's Word, the gift of salvation through his son, Jesus Christ, and the help of his Holy Spirit, our advocate, we can have God's living water.

We need this water every day to encourage, enlighten and edify us.

That is what At the Well is. A place where you can come and draw from the well of God's word and receive encouragement, enlightenment and edification to make it through this journey called life.
On At the Well, you will find regular devotionals that include application to help you not only be a hearer of the Word but also a doer. Our regular feature, "Turning Point" features testimonies of men and women who, like the Samaritan woman, have had life-changing encounters with the Savior. The "News and Views" section features information and articles on subjects from politics and finances to health and relationships. It also includes essays, opinion pieces and thought-provoking questions.

In the Bible days, the well was also a place where the community gathered. It is my prayer that At the Well is a place of community where we can share our trials, testimonies and triumphs. I pray that At The Well is a place of education and enlightenment where we explore God's truth and learn about our world. I pray that it is a place of encouragement to help you when times are tough or you need a gentle reminder of what's important, who you are and whose you are. That it will edify or build you up and be a resource that strengthens you.

Welcome to At the Well.

Monica Fountain
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