Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sick and Tired

I am so sick and tired of hashtags.

Hashtags that announce or chronicle another tragedy.

 I am sick and tired of young mothers being raped and shot in the head. I am sick and tired of little boys like Tyshawn being shot in their heads, their little bodies riddled with bullets . I’m tired of young men dying in the street, their bodies full of bullet holes. Fathers dying,  their life being choked out of them.

 I am tired of young women visiting their grandmother dying of gunshot wounds while walking to a bus stop to go home. Young people with promise cut down by ignorance.

I’m tired of Tyesa Cherrys dying after going to a movie, killed by a bullet meant for someone else. I am sick of grandmothers, pastors and college students at bible studies being shot down in their own church. I’m sick and tired of young men going into elementary schools, college classrooms and movie theaters and randomly shooting and killing.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Seeing Red About Starbucks Cups

I hear that some Christians are upset that Starbucks cups are red. The ubiquitous cafĂ© has chosen a simple red cup for the holiday months. Apparently some Christians feel Starbucks has declared “war on Christmas” because their holiday cups usually have a snowflake or some other holiday symbol on the cup.

These Christians reportedly are "seeing red" (becoming very angry) over Starbucks cups. I read one post where it said that Christians were encouraged to say that their name is Merry Christmas so the barista will have to say the abolished words when they fix their drink.

I hear Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has even weighed in on the matter, suggesting a Starbucks boycott and if he became president everyone will be saying “Merry Christmas” at every Starbucks.

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