Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's Your Vision? Get Focused

“And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.” Habakkuk 2:2

What’s your vision?

Few of us have 20/20 vision in the natural sense. I have worn glasses or contacts most of my life. In the morning the first thing I reach for are my glasses. Otherwise, the world is a little fuzzy around the edges. Things in the distance are hard to make out. I can function but not my full potential. For example, I wouldn’t dare attempt driving without the aid of corrective lenses. It would be dangerous for me and anyone in my path.

In the spiritual sense, some of our vision needs correcting.

Vision is the ability to see. It is also defined as a thought or concept formed by the imagination or a revelation.

In your life, what can you see? Are you seeing clearly? What do you imagine for your future? What is the revelation that God has given you about your purpose and how He wants you to use your gifts, passion and experience for His glory? Does your sight need some adjusting or correcting?

If you can’t see, how can you walk in your destiny? You stumble and bumble around in a blur—making out the vague outline but things never coming into clear focus.

Some of us are in dire need of a vision adjustment.

We have lost our vision which has been clouded by the distractions of life. We’ve lost clarity on who we are and the purpose God has given us.

What’s the best way to adjust your vision?


When things are out of focus, it means we need corrective lenses or surgery to get things back in alignment so we can see clearly.

Our corrective lenses are prayer and God’s Word. Through prayer and God’s Word we can correct our vision and see who we are and clearly discern God’s purpose for our life. Through the corrective lenses of prayer and God’s Word, we receive instruction and encouragement.

If you’ve lost your vision or feel stuck in the pursuit of it, take some time to refocus. If you never had one, take some time to focus for the first time.


Focus on one thing at a time. After I started writing this posting, I saw an inspirational video message by Tyler Perry about focus. His words were right on time for me. Sometimes, especially as women, we multi-task and find ourselves juggling ten balls in the air at the same time. Sometimes it is unavoidable and necessary. You have to do laundry, cook dinner and help with homework simultaneously. But when it comes to reaching big goals, finishing large projects or focusing on our vision, we have to hone in on the one thing that’s most important. My husband often tells me, “Do one thing and get it done and then move to the next thing.”

What is your one thing? Identify it and get to work on it and don’t stop. Keep plugging away at it. As Tyler Perry said, plant that one seed and water it. God will give the increase.

Write the vision. Having a road map helps you get to your destination. If you get off track you can always refer to the map. Writing your vision gives you a road map. It will help you to focus on what your vision is and writing it will help you to focus and clarify your thoughts. Write your vision statement today.

Visualize. Do you want to write a book? Make the cover and put it where you can see it. Do you want to earn a degree? Make up a diploma with your name on it. Find a photo of how you want your body to look and put it on the refrigerator. Start to see not only in your mind but in a physical and tangible aspect what it is that you are working toward.

Pray and read God’s Word. Every day, whether it’s one minute or one hour, commit yourself to consistently seeking God through prayer and His Word for your vision and his revelation. I think too many of us, including myself, are guilty of underestimating the power of prayer. God said in his Word, if anyone seeks wisdom, let him ask and God said he would be more than willing to give it to you. Read His word so you know what to pray. Read his word for encouragement and wisdom. Pray back God’s word and memorize it so that it becomes a part of you. God wants to lead us and guide us. He wants to order our steps. One of the main ways that God speaks is through his word. But how can you hear him if you never listen?

Get focused and get busy and before you know it, you'll be seeing 20/20.

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Nichole Christian said...

Funny how so many people love to quote all things are possible without adding the need for focus and vision. Thanks for a very true & plain reminder.

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