Monday, June 24, 2013

This is for the Dark-Skinned Sistas

This is For the Dark-Skinned Sistas
Dec. 2003

By Monica Fountain

This is for the dark-skinned sistas

The chocolate wonders

The brown bombshells


This is for the one

Who was told don’t drink coffee

It’ll make you black

Make me black?

What is that?

As if I could be more black

As if just the color of my skin

Made me black

If coffee makes me black

Bring it on Joe

Give me a Starbucks grande double latte espresso


This is for the sister who was told

Don’t wear yellow

That’s too bright

Forget about red

You’re too dark

Black as night

Leave that for the light-skinned sista

With the long hair

As if my blackness was something to



This is for the sista

Made to feel less than by the


Who in amazement thought

He was giving you props

When he said,

“You’re sure cute to be so dark.”


Browner than a bag to a hue

As black as midnight blue


My dark sista

My ebony sista

My chocolate sista

Here’s to you


For your strength and the

Beauty of your dark tones

The orange in your skin

The browns, the golds

You are beautiful

With your big broad nose

And your nappy hair

In them big cornrows

Or precision pressed to straightness

Or permed to perfection to let the

Natural go

In dreadlocks or braids

Twists or curls

This is for you little black girl.

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