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From the Editor--The Well Magazine Fall/Winter 2013

“There’s no pain like family pain.”

              Pastor James McDonald, Harvest Bible Church


Monica Fountain
Editor, The Well Magazine
How very true. No one can hurt us like those who are related to us. Our families are our closest human connection. The family is our socializing agent. It is where we learn how to love. We don’t expect much from the world. But we don’t expect and shouldn’t be hurt by our families—those who share the same blood. Maybe the same name.

There is so much pain in our world and so much of that pain comes from our families. Too many families are fractured and dysfunctional, producing broken people.

But there is hope. God is in the business of restoring, renewing and reuniting families.

Many families gather every year for a reunion, but it is really just a picnic because there is no real reunion. No real restoration, forgiveness or healing. We go through the motions but we never get past the surface to heal the wounds of the past.

God wants our families to be healed. God established the family. He is our Heavenly Father. God made marriage between a man and a woman. In His Word, he gave us the formula for forming healthy families. Every family has its flaws and foibles because it is made up of fallible people. But thank God for an infallible Savior who saves and sanctifies us and who is able to reunite broken families.

There’s no pain like family pain, but there is no greater joy than the love of family.

In this issue you will find stories about family reunion and restoration.  A tribute from a daughter who is carrying on her mother’s mission of restoring families. You will read about  the comfort of our heavenly Father and the love of a mother. You will find how one mother transformed her family from the inside out and how a daughter overcame the void left by her father’s absence. You will find that your family is not always those who are connected to you by blood but those you choose by love.

You will read a very personal story about how my I met my brother, Walter, who I saw for the first time two years ago. A box of hidden letters started the journey to answering my father’s prayers.

God is faithful.

He has been faithful to me in the production of this magazine and the fulfillment of my dream. This is the fourth issue of The Well Magazine. It has been a push to produce. To God be the glory. Thank you to all who have supported me in this endeavor with your encouragement and subscriptions. Thank you to every Grace Partner who has invested in bringing this magazine to you.  Please support their businesses and ministries. If you live in the Chicago area, please consider attending Marriage Inc.’s Date Night on January 24th at Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais.

Please keep this ministry, me and my family in your prayers. I am looking forward to a New Year and new opportunities to be a blessing to you through The Well Magazine.
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