Saturday, April 11, 2009

Prayer Warriors

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Prayer Warriors

"I have never seen anybody more ready and willing to pray than Grandmother. She didn't mess around when it came to calling on Jesus. While spending the night at her house through the years, I had heard the telephone ring in the middle of the night, then Grandmother's raspy but soothing voice praying aloud, pleading for God to intervene in some situation for the caller on the other end. . . . It was like she had a hot line to heaven and that God was one of her bosom buddies.”

From “True Vine: A Young Black Man’s Journey of Faith, Hope and Clarity”

by John W. Fountain

Missing Grandmother

By John W. Fountain

The years so soon fade

Faces, like the shade--

They disappear,before our eyes

And seas of tears

Despite our cries.

And hope springs anew,

Eternal like the grass

That lives to wither,

whose life shall pass,

But that long lingers in the consciousness of spring,

In all of us human,

In every living breathing moving thing.

And come morning sun

Or days darkened and done

Or whatever life's sum

Will soon come

Will rise

Will stir

Will revive

Will soon be made again alive

Like new mint leaves before our eyes

And new emerald trees that know not our cries that once drifted up,

Away, toward dreary, cloud-patched skies

And our eternal ties

to loved ones past,

to our future and to the years of past,

Which quickly fade

That do not last

That disappear

Like withering grass

Will soon spring eternal


perfect in the Son

When this life's season is done,

And we are one with Him.

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