Sunday, April 12, 2009


“Evil is incapable of a perfect plan.”

“If you can’t say ‘Amen,’ at least look ‘Amen.’”

“A man who deserves a long introduction doesn’t need it. A man who needs a long introduction doesn’t deserve it.”

For those of you who know my father, Rev. William H. Copeland Jr., you might have heard some of the above statements that he has made over the years. There are so many. Some I may have forgotten. Perhaps there was something he said that made a great impression in your life.

I’m collecting some of these “Copeland-isms” as I’ve heard them called. If you have some that you would like to share, please leave them in the comment section or send an email to


Lisa Maria Carroll said...

Everything that looks good to you, isn't good for you. You are not what anybody says you are until you second the motion.

Monica's hormones kicked in, and her brains cells walked out. (LOL. Sorry, I couldn't resist.) The bible says raise up a child, not a teenager.

Even roosters got enough sense to go to the hen house to mate. I want the men to show up, stand back, and look black; I'll do the talking.

Are you standing on the promises, or sitting on the premises? I know I can count on the faithful few.

It's just as far for us to come to you as it is for you to come to us. A dumb sheep will always follow another dumb sheep.

Try God. Between me and my family, I know I can come up with more. I'll send them to you as I get them.

Lisa Maria Carroll said...

I'd rather have a dummy on his way to heaven, than a genius on his way to hell.

Anonymous said...

Pastor has tickled me many-a-day with..."I'm happy as a June Bug in a Texas Wheatfield"

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