Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 14: Jesus, The Resurrection and the Life

Jesus said to her, "I am the one who brings people back to life, and I am life itself. Those who believe in me will live even if they die. John 11:25 (God’s Word Translation, 1995)

Do you have some dead situations in your life? Some people, things or dreams that you let go of long ago. They aren’t alive anymore. Has the thing that made you smile, that gave you hope, a sense of purpose, brought you joy and made you feel fulfilled slipped away? Jesus what happened? Where were you? What were you doing when my marriage fell apart? When my child died? When I lost my job? Why didn’t you stop me before my decisions led to a catastrophe?  Why didn’t I see?  Why didn’t you get here sooner? You restored sight to the blind. Couldn’t you have kept my dream alive?
It’s dead. Lazarus. The one you loved. He’s dead. It’s been dead so long that it stinks.

Well, I’ve got some good news.

Jesus brings dead things back to life. He has that power because He is life. And if you believe in him, one day, even when your body dies, you will live again. God resurrected Jesus from the dead. And He is the resurrection because he revives, restores and redeems.

He’ll resurrect your old dream or give you a new and better one. He can do it in unexpected ways or in the fullness of time. In his perfect time. At the right time that we can’t see.  Maybe you’re in the wilderness so that he can purge some things, perfect you and let you see Him and depend on Him instead of yourself. Maybe he’s waiting so that God get sthe glory and there’s no doubt that it is only by his power that you are alive.

Jesus brings people back to life. He just asks, “Do you believe?”

Reflection and Response:

How has Jesus "resurrected" you? Is there something dead in your life that needs revival?

I praise Jesus for being the Resurrection and the Life who...
I thank him for...

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